-- NO consoles, NO autoinstalles, NO Autobookmarks, NO Auto Resize, NO exploits, NO trojans, NO viruses, NO Shit generally, NO Video Codec Installs and Galleries like Avicash/Videos Cash!
-- No Dialers or redirects for any country!
-- Minimum of 55% content, means 55%+ of clicks to galleries!
-- trade will NEVER start if you do NOT force 50+ quality hits in 24 hours!
-- Sites joining and sent <10 Hits get blacklisted as TRAFFIC LEECHERS!
-- Trade with low productivity (less than 100%) or non active trade will be DELETED without notice!
-- Trade Requests NOT enabled after 48 hours are deleted!
-- Trades NOT sending traffic for 24 hours get deleted!
-- FAKE or NOT FILLED IN Contact Info gets internal blacklisted!
-- I do NOT trade with Sites on Subdomains!
-- I do NOT trade with Sites using Domains registered < 60 days ago!
-- Your trade will be disabled by default contact me via ICQ to activate the trade!
- I will NOT answer on ICQ message anymore with only like: "Hi", "Anybody home?", "Knok-knok", "I'd like to trade" and other non-informative messages!
-- If you request the trade or signup to trade please give me full info including: your site url, how much traffic on your site daily,
your % to galleries.

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Title BBW Sex
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